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Welcome to Urge, where men, women, and their partner's are encouraged and feel free to explore all of their sexual urges, or as some may say "Temptations"

At Urge, our mission is to encourage individuals to let go of all insecurities and boundaries and be free to explore, express, and live out the thoughts that so privately turns them on. To allow men and women of all sizes, to be secure and feel sexy in their own skin.

Here, you can shop for a variety of products ranging from intimate massage, vibrators, intimate apparel, swimwear, or prepare for a sexy night of fun with your partner. Wearing some of our sexy lingerie.

  • !!!!!!!!!Gift your friends a Sexy and Fun Urge Party this Holiday Season!!!!!!!!!! FREE FREE FREE

    Make a guest list and invite some of your closest friends. Provide the drinks and appetizers if you'd like, and I'll provide the FUN & TOYS. As the Host , you'll receive a $100 Urge Gift Card to purchase whatever you'd like. All of your guest will receive 15% off of all purchases made at your party.Best of all..... It's absolutely FREEEE!!!!!

    All you have to do is fill out the Contact Form below, provide us with your name, email address, phone number, and desired date, and an Urge Consultant will contact you and get you booked!

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